Ahmed S Osman , BS.



  • •MBA Arabic Program Registrar & MBA Students Affair Specialist.
    •I help and advice students who ask for MBA Program.
    •I am responsible for registering MBA arabic students as a guide while filling their application forms and saving their files, as well.
    • In addition I make the attendance lists for all the courses to all the doctors of MBA Arabic Program, filling and updating doctor's attendance lists which is related to the administration.
    • I make all the current and total schedules related to the program.
    • Actually I help students in writing their requests and complaints to the administration.
    • Concerning any announcements for the students I am the one who announce all the students of anything new related to them to their course.
    • I make the students ID related to MBA Program.
    • Writing the receipts for students in order to pay the fees and checking their financial case before the student go to the financial department for the payment.
    • Helping in the preparations for the graduation party concerning the invitations and the announcements.
    • Attending weekends and one day per week duties as a part time as a representative for administration.
    • Review papers all students applying for a master's study.
    • Inform students when a changes in master lectures with students.
    • Identify the start of the academic lectures with professors to inform them of the new tables.
    • Identify the admission exams for students applying to study MBA.

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