Samir M. Yossif , Ph.D.

1st Lecturer

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Courses Added
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ME274 - Material Science

2013 Fall View All Content
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Fall - 2016
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Work Experience

  • Engineer, Aug 2007 - Jan 2013
    Marine eng. technology departement
    Lecturer and another management works
  • Engineer, Feb 1997 - Aug 2007
    Industrial and management eng. departement
    Practical training for the students on the production engineering courses - carrying out the required work and the student project
  • Engineering Officer, Jul 1977 - Jan 1996
    Vehicle Repair
    Egyptian Army Forces
    Leader the different level of workshop for vehicles repar - leader a workshop for over all repair of engines - leader a unit for evacuation of vehicles


  • Phd. in Production Engineering in Production Engineering Departement, Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University, Jul 2015
  • M. Sc. in Management Engineering in Industrial and Management Engineering, College of Engineering and Technology - AASTMT, Jul 2002
  • B. Sc. in mechanical engineer in Mechanical Engineering, Millitary Technical College, Jul 1977


  • 1. Workshope Technology for Third Marine Engineer Part A.
    2. Material Technology for Second Marine Engineer Part B.
    3. Material Science for Third Semester Marine Engineering.
    4. Manufacturiing Technology for second semestr Marine Engineering
    5. Manufacturing Process 1 for 4th semester Marine Engineering.
    6. Manufacturiing Technology for second semestr Engineering Fish
    7. Manufacturing Process 1 for 6th semester Engineering Fish

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