List of Publications

    • Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam, "Bacterial Number, Hypertrophy and extra cellular Enzyme activity in the seawater of Alexandria coast, Egypt" , Bull. Nat institute of Oceanogra.&Fish , 2003.
    • Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam , "control of harmful aquatic organisms transported via ships ballast water" , journal of Arab academy for since & technology vol.28,no.54,pp from 36 to 43 , 2002.
    • , "pollution influence on bacterial abundance&chlorophyll -a- concentration case study at Idko lagon.Egypt" , Scientia Marina,64,no.1,pp.from 1 to 8 , 2002.
    • Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam, "Oil pollution hazards from reception facilities on Sidi Krie rcoast Alexandria" , the Egyptian journal of hospital medicine,vol.7, no.pp from 58 to-64 , 2002.
    • Prof.Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam, "Application of micro organisms in combating organic pollution" , Journal of Arab academy for since&technology& maritime transport , 2001.
    • prof. Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam, "Transport processes in a Heavy Eutrophic Marine bay,Alexandria Egypt and applying Environmental impact Assessment" , The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine Vol.,4,pp.from 84 to 96 , 2001.
    • Zaghloul.F.A and E.E.Siam, "impact of pollution on phytoplankton structure and bacteria in some Alexandria beaches" , Alexandria University,High institute of public health,vol.26,pp.from 135-to154 , 1996.

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