Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam


Assistant Dean-ISC

Field Of Interest
Funds and Projects


  • Education
    Mansoura University, Egypt.
    PhD, Marine Pollution| 1993.

    Alexandria University, Egypt
    MSC, Microbiology and public health | 1984.

    Science Faculty, Alexandria University, Egypt
    BSC, Oceanography and Chemistry | 1978

    Work Experience
    Assistant Dean-ISC
    2007 – 2013
    Head of Marine Environment and Crisis Management Center, ISC, AASTMT.

    2004 – 2007
    Head of Marine Environmental Protection Program (MEPP), College of Maritime Transport and Technology, AASTMT.

    2003 - 2004
    Professor at MEPP, AASTMT

    1999 – 2003
    Assistant professor at MEPP, AASTMT.

    1993 – 1999
    Lecturer of microbiology at National institute of Oceanography and Fisheries.
    Lecturer at MEPP, AASTMT (Part time)

    1981 – 1993
    Associate lecturer at National institute of Oceanography and Fisheries.

    Sabbatical leave
    1983 - 1984
    A Microbiologist in sewage treatment lab. Alexandria Government

    1981 - 1983
    A microbiologist in United Arab Emirate, Dubai public health Governmental lab.
    Technical job Responsibilities
    1. Teaching oil pollution and environmental impact assessment courses for under graduated student in Maritime transport and technology collage.
    2. Teaching Post-Graduated candidates for Diploma, Master and Doctoral Degrees in marine pollution in Arab academy of since and technology
    3. Supervision of many Master’s and Doctoral thesis
    4. Training Key Personnel in industry and different organizations
    5. Technical consultant for several environmental projects.

Courses Added

Courses Added
CourseAcademic yearTerm

ELE426+ALE426 - Crisis Management

2006 Spring View All Content
- Lectures Notes - Exams - Course Outline - Problem Sets - tutorials - Lab Material

Funds and Projects

  • International workshops on Red tide and Human Health
    Consulting Project


  • phd in marine michrobiology, mansoura university, Jul 1993
  • MSC in microbiology and public haelth, Alexandria univeristy, Jan 1984
  • BSC in Oceanography&chemistry, Alexandria university,faculty of Science, May 1978

List of Publications

    • Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam, "Bacterial Number, Hypertrophy and extra cellular Enzyme activity in the seawater of Alexandria coast, Egypt" , Bull. Nat institute of Oceanogra.&Fish , 2003.
    • Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam , "control of harmful aquatic organisms transported via ships ballast water" , journal of Arab academy for since & technology vol.28,no.54,pp from 36 to 43 , 2002.
    • , "pollution influence on bacterial abundance&chlorophyll -a- concentration case study at Idko lagon.Egypt" , Scientia Marina,64,no.1,pp.from 1 to 8 , 2002.
    • Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam, "Oil pollution hazards from reception facilities on Sidi Krie rcoast Alexandria" , the Egyptian journal of hospital medicine,vol.7, no.pp from 58 to-64 , 2002.
    • Prof.Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam, "Application of micro organisms in combating organic pollution" , Journal of Arab academy for since&technology& maritime transport , 2001.
    • prof. Eman Ibrahim Mostafa Siam, "Transport processes in a Heavy Eutrophic Marine bay,Alexandria Egypt and applying Environmental impact Assessment" , The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine Vol.,4,pp.from 84 to 96 , 2001.
    • Zaghloul.F.A and E.E.Siam, "impact of pollution on phytoplankton structure and bacteria in some Alexandria beaches" , Alexandria University,High institute of public health,vol.26,pp.from 135-to154 , 1996.


  • 1-Environmental impact assessment
    2-Marine environment
    3-Oil pollution combating
    4-marine pollutants monitoring
    5-Introduction to the crisis management
    6-Environmental pollution Management
    7-Global warming
    8-Biological Diversity

Fields of Interest

  • marine pollution
  • crisis manegement


  • reading

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