List of Publications

    • Abd-el-Malek, M.B., Badran, N.A., Hassan, H.S., and Abbas, H.H., "Lie group method for studying the thermophoresis and heat generation effect on free-convection laminar boundary-layer flow over a vertical flat plate" , Submitted , 2013.
    • Boutros, Y.Z. Abd-el-Malek, M.B. Badran, N.A. and Hassan, H.S., "Lie-group method solutions for higher-order mean flow for solid rocket motors with radially regressing walls" , Submitted , 2013.
    • Abd-el-Malek, M.B., Badran, N.A., and Hassan, H.S., Abbas, H.H., "New solutions for solving the problem of particle trajectories in linear deep-water waves via Lie-group method" , Appl. Math. Comput., Vol.219,no.24,PP.11365-11375 , 2013. [link]
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    • Abd-el-Malek, M.B., and Hassan, H.S., "Internal flow through a conducting thin duct via symmetry analysis" , Proc. of the International Conference on SPT 2007, Otranto, Italy ( 2007) 233–234 , 2008.
    • Abd-el-Malek, M.B., Badran, N.A. & Hassan, H.S. , "Using group theoretic method for fission product behavior in nuclear fuel" , Int.J.Appl.Math., Vol.7, No.3, pp.333-348. , 2001.

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