Rana Maher Mohamed , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

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List of Publications

    • Rana Maher, "Energy Management and Control for Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources in Rural Area" , Aix-Marseille University (2015) .
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    • Ahmed, R. Abdelsalam, A.K. Namaane, A. Dessouky, Y.G. M'Sirdi, N.K.,, "Improved performance State-Flow based photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique" , Renewable Power Generation Conference (RPG 2014), 3rd , vol., no., pp.1-5, 24-25 Sept. 2014 (2014) .
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    • Ahmed, R. Naamane, A. M'Sirdi, N.K. Abdelsalam, A.K. Dessouky, Y.G., "Sensorless MPPT technique for PMSG micro wind turbines based on State-Flow" , International Conference on in Renewable Energies for Developing Countries (REDEC), 2014, vol., no., pp.161-166, 26-27 Nov. 2014 (2014) . [link]
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Fields of Interest

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Management
  • Power System

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