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  • Sherif El-Fiki is the Head of the Department of Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Cairo. In 2003 he obtained his PhD in Architecture from Edinburgh College of Art, Heriot Watt University in the UK. His research interests encompass architectural education, social behavior and environmental studies. His research-work is published in several reputable journals and international conferences in Egypt, Japan and the UK. He is a licensed practicing architect and a partner in a private bureau. His professional practice involved the design and construction of residential, healthcare, office and educational buildings.

Courses Added

Courses Added
CourseAcademic yearTerm

AR211 - Architectural Design 1

2013 Fall View All Content
- Lectures Notes - Exams - Course Outline - Problem Sets - tutorials - Lab Material

AR233 - History & Theory of Architecture 3

2013 Fall View All Content
- Lectures Notes - Exams - Course Outline - Problem Sets - tutorials - Lab Material

AR251 - Building Technology 1

2013 Fall View All Content
- Lectures Notes - Exams - Course Outline - Problem Sets - tutorials - Lab Material

Funds and Projects

  • Advanced Curriculum on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Buildings
    Joint research proposal with Lund University (Sweden), Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), Cairo University (Egypt) and Al-Shorouk Academy (Egypt), funded by the EU [European Union] under the TEMPUS program. Project concluded to a joint program for professional environmental diploma, academic exchange program and the provision of two environmental study laboratories. 2006 – 2007
    Funded Project - 275,000 €
  • Cairo’s Belle Époque: Architectural Patterns
    Participating (as Activity Co-ordinator and Chief Editor) in the research project - funded by the EU [European Union], in association with the Local NGO: Dayra Foundation for Culture & Art, under the EU MEDA program Project concluded to four workshops, a book, and a documentary film. Launched in December 2006 and concluded in January 2008.
    Funded Project - 50,000 €
  • European Awards ... Egyptian Creativity – Literature, Cinema, Art & Architecture
    Participating (as Main Co-ordinator and Chief Editor) in the research project funded by the EU [European Union], in association with the Local NGO: Dayra Foundation for Culture & Art, under the EU MEDA program – Launched in December 2009 and concluded in December 2010
    Funded Project - 62,500 €
Spring - 2014
Tuesday 10am 2pm
Sunday 12pm 4pm
Monday 12pm 4pm
Thursday 12pm 2pm

Work Experience

  • Architect, Oct 1992 - up till now
     Small Residential Compound [16 units] in 6 October City – in progress
     Paediatrics and Surgery Hospital in Bab El-Sharia – Cairo 2010
     Girls Faculty of Engineering in Al-Azhar University, Madinat Nasr – Cairo 2004-05


  • Ph.D. in Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art, Dec 2003

List of Publications

    • Prof. Hani Louis Arch. Samar El-Naggar, "A Qualitative Investigation to the Fulfilment of Human Needs in Gated Communities, with Reference to Cairo – Egypt" , ISHUD 2014 The Annual International Conference on Sustainable Human Development - Brunel University, London: UK 2-3 April, 2014 , 2014.
    • Prof. Ahmed Amin Dr. Sherif El-Fiki Arch. Tamer El-Zayat, "A study on the transformation of residential quarters in Egypt, with reference to recent gated communities" , The International Conference for The Future of Gated Communities towards Sustainable Development – Housing & Building National Research Centre: Cairo, Egypt , 2013.
    • Prof Ahmed Amin Dr Manal Abu El-Ela Dr Sherif El-Fiki Arch Mohamed Emara, "An Examination of Users’ Preference to Physical Edges in Urban Parks, with Reference to Cairo, Egypt" , Science Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture – volume 2013 – Number 3 , 2013.
    • Sherif El-Fiki, "Towards a Process-based Model for Teaching Architectural Design, with Reference to Design Studio One" , The International Journal of Engineering Education – Volume 29 – Number 4, 2013, pp. 1037 - 1064 , 2013.
    • Editor, "European Awards – Egyptian Creativity ... Literature, Cinema, Art & Architecture" , Cairo: EU Commission & Dayra Foundation , 2010.
    • Sherif El-Fiki, Ali Assem, "Towards a Deductive Model for Studying Air Movement in Underground Buildings, with Reference to Egypt" , 2010 International Conference on Environmental Engineering – Kyoto, Japan , 2010.
    • Sherif El-Fiki, Mostafa Gabr, Ahmed Amin, Tarek Kattareya , "Materiality in Architecture, A Study on the Transformation in the Meanings of Materials" , Helwan University Engineering Research Journal – volume 123 – September 2009 , 2009.
    • Sherif El-Fiki, Sameh El-Fiki, "The Architecture of Cairo, An Identity in Transformation" , The Multiple Faces of Identity in the Built Environment Conference– Nottingham Trent University – Nottingham, UK , 2009.
    • Editor, "Cairo's Belle Epoque, Architectural Patterns " , Cairo: EU Commission & Dayra Foundation , 2007.
    • Sherif El-Fiki, Ayman Wanas, "The influence of native symbolism and mythology upon contemporary American architecture" , 3rd Scientific International Conference on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Faculty of Fine Arts – Alexandria University, Egypt: Visual Arts Between Stability and Variation" – Alexandria, Egypt , 2007.
    • Sherif El-Fiki, Sameh El-Fiki, Amal Abdou, "Desert communities, traditions and the built environment a study towards promoting ecotourism in Siwa, Egypt" , IAPS 19 / BIBALEX International Conference: Environment, Health and Sustainable Development – Alexandria, Egypt , 2006.
    • Sherif El-Fiki, Faozi Ujam, "Promoting an endogenous approach to education at the local community level" , Journal of Intercultural Education – volume 17 number 3 , 2006.
    • Sherif El-Fiki, "An Endogenous Approach to Education, with reference to Cairo – Egypt" , Edinburgh - UK , 2003.
    • Sherif El-Fiki, "Endogenous development: a model for education in Egypt" , ECA Biennial Review – 1999-2001: Edinburgh College of Art - UK , 2000.


  • Egyptian British Friendship Association [EBFA] – Cairo: Egypt
  • Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers – Cairo: Egypt
  •  The Society for the Friends of Egyptian Scientists Abroad – Cairo: Egypt
  • Member and Co-founder of the Congress for Arab Academic Architects
  • The Association of Graduates & Trainees from Britain in Egypt [AGTBE] – Cairo: Egypt
  • The Watt Alumni Club – Edinburgh: UK


  • Architectural Design I
    Architectural Design [Graduation Project]
    Architectural Design [Post-Grad.]
    Theories of Architecture II
    Theories of Architecture III
    Research & Programming
    Architectural Criticism
    Environment & Behaviour[Post-Grad.]
    Building Technology I
    Execution Design II

Fields of Interest

  • Theories of Architecture
  • Architectural Education
  • Environmental Behaviour

Community Service

  •  Society for the Friends of Liver-patients in the Arab World – Cairo: Egypt


  • Travelling

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