List of Publications

    • Maye YEHIA , ""Designing Residential Options for a better Future of Conservation areas: The Case of the Turkish Town of Alexandria". " , Sixth International Conference on Design Principles and Practices. University of California, Los Angeles, USA, 20-22 January 2012. , 2012.
    • Dr. Alaa Sarhan,Dr. Maye Yehia, Arch. Amira El Hakeh, ""Towards An Effective Wayfinding, An analysis in Downtown Alexandria , Egypt"." , Proceedings of ICACS 2012 International Conference on Architecture, Culture and Spirituality. Dubai, UAE, October 8-9/ 2012 , 2012.
    • Maye YEHIA, ""On Nationalism: an appraisal of the experience of Egyptian architects". " , Proceedings of First Theoretical Currents Conference Architecture, Design and the Nation. Nottingham Trent University, UK. 14-15 September 2010 , 2010.
    • Maye YEHIA, "“Empowering Local Communities to Revitalise Old Quarters, Cases from Egypt”. " , International Symposium Jointly Organised by IAPS-CSBE 'CULTURE&SPACE IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT NETWORK' and the IAPS - HOUSING NETWORK. ‘REVITALISING BUILT ENVIRONMENTS: Requalifying Old Places for New Uses. Istanbul, Turkey - 12-16 October 2009. , 2009.
    • Maye YEHIA, "“Revamping the fading city: an exploration of place-identity issues in Alexandria, Egypt"." , Architectural Design and Global Difference Conference. The multiple Proceeding of conference: Faces of Identity in the Designed Environment. Nottingham Trent University, UK. 17-18 September 2009 , 2009.

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