Academic Experience


Academic Experience

  • lecturer, Mar 2007 - up till now
    *Lecturer, Maritime Safety Institute, (AAST). From 2007 to date.

    *8 years teaching experience for the following courses:
    *Assess candidate using range of methods( Scottish qualification authority )
    *Teaching techniques course AAST 2007.
    *Lead auditor course Erica approved ( 2012 )
    *Verifier course from Scottish qualification authority 2013.
    *HSE Advisor at maritime safety institute ( OPITO & STCW Programsfrom 2012 to 2015)

    maritime safety institute
  • lecturer, Jan 2007 - up till now
     Researches
    *Research paper at the 11th international maritime conference( MRCC )
    (Piracy at Gulf of Aden )
    * Research paper at International maritime conference ( Egyptian maritime labors challenges and solutions )
    *Research paper published in journal of maritime research and consultation center ( Methods of Monitoring and Tracking Containers through the different Means of Transportation )

    maritime safety institute

List of Publications

    • ayman shokr/ hesham helal , "Methods of Monitoring and Tracking Containers throw the diffrent means of transportation" , 00 , 2009.
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    • عمر فؤاد فريد/ ايمن شكر بحيري , "آليات ايجاد فرص عمل لحديثي التخرج كجزء من الكوادر البحرية المصرية" , مؤتمر العماله البحريه - التحديات الوطنيه والدوليه , 2013.
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    • ayman shokr/hany mahmoud , "الصعوبات والتحديات التي تواجه العماله البحريه وطرق علاجها" , مؤتمر العماله الحريه - خطوه علي الطريق , 2012.
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    • ayman shokr/hesham helal , "تداعيات القرصنه البحريه في خليج عدن علي التجاره الدوليه" , المؤتمر البحري الدولي الحادي عشر , 2009.
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