List of Publications

    • K. M.Hanfy ,Gehan Saleh , Nagwa Hosny and Islam Abdel Bary, "Financing Education in private universities in Egypt " , Technical report , 2009.
    • Islam Abdel Bary, "The Effect of the Foreign Direct Investment in Egyptian development " , Leadership Management Development Centre, ministry of Investment, The first prize, Egypt , 2008.
    • H. kashk ,Hany helal and Islam Abdel Bary, "Homeless children the Phenomenon and the Evaluation" , field Study, Final Report, The Egyptian Centre for the Rights of the Child (ECRC), Plan International Organization, Alexandria , 2007.
    • Islam Abdel Bary, "A Young people and addiction among motivated and confrontation " , the second Anti-Drug Conference, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood , the national project to protect children of drugs, The Best Research Award , Alexandria, December , 2006.
    • Islam Abdel Bary, "The youth role in the fight against terrorism" , the League of Arab States ,Arab Council for Training Students in Arab Universities, the ninth annual Conference in field "The Role of universities youth to confront the terrorism",6 October University , Egypt , September 10-15 , 2006.

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