List of Publications

    • M. S. Hamad, M. I. Masoud, and B. W. Williams, "Medium-Voltage 12-Pulse Converter: Output Voltage Harmonic Compensation Using a Series APF" , IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 61, No. 1,pp. 43 – 52 , 2014.
    • A.M. El-Sebaii, M.S. Hamad, and A.A. Helal, "A Sensorless MPPT Technique for a Grid-Connected PMSG Wind Turbine" , IET Renewable Power Generation Conference, RPG’13,Beijing, China. , 2013.
    • R.A. Ibrahim, M.S. Hamad, Y.G. Dessouky, and B.W. Williams, "Improved Ride-Through of PMSG Wind Turbine during Symmetrical Voltage Dip using a Magnetic Amplifier" , IET Renewable Power Generation Conference, RPG’13, Beijing, China , 2013.

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