Mohamed A Fula , BS.



  • • Receive new students
    • Numbers of the registration form for new students
    • accept new students to the program diploma Master of Public Administration in accordance with the terms of the Supreme Council of Universities
    • Registration for students old and new the new semester system
    • Fill financial Cards and scholarships for students old and new
    • extract portfolio and study of old and new students of the system
    • Inform companies and government agencies paid off at the start of the study each semester until the student is sent candidates before them to get a master's degree with continued follow-up of companies
    • The number of financial claims for companies and government agencies that have the students envoys
    • Enter degrees for Students in our system
    • Solve problems old and new students, whether financial postpone other
    • The number of tables school system
    • Tables numbers collected for students as a whole
    • The number of payroll Attendance for lecturers as a whole the names of students enrolled old and new
    • Contact all lecturers they agreed to inform them of the dates of the study
    • Monitoring the comprehensive exam case
    • Enter the result at the overall situation on the test system
    • Prepare a list of students who passed the state exam overall
    • Data processing graduates and sends it for approval and registration
    • Prepare for the graduation ceremony and delivered students belongings and presence Graduate party
    • was also added some functions of student affairs program such as Graduate party
    Presence evening and presence on Friday and Saturday to help students and solve their problems and receive their own applications.

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