Mr. Chehab Salah , BS.


Field of Interest
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  • high school: college saint marc (1993)

    BSC from College of International Transport and Logistics - Logistics and Supply Chain Management Department (2006 - 2011)

    MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Molde University College - Norway (2013-2015)

Funds and Projects

  • LACTIMED project
    for enhancing supply chain in Milk industries in the Middle east countries
    Funded Project
  • feasibility studies
    CITL Feasibility studies team member
    Consulting Project
Fall - 2016
Tuesday 12pm 2am

Work Experience

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sep 2012 - up till now
    Supply Chain Management
    College of International Transport and Logistics


  • Msc in Transportation in Supply Chain Management, Molde University College, Jun 2015
  • Bachelor in Supply Chain Management, College of International Transport and Logistics, Jul 2011

List of Publications

    • Hajnalka Vaagen, "Analyzing Pharmaceutical Reverse Logistics Barriers: An Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach." , Molde University College, Specialized University in Logistics, PO Box 2110, N-6402 Molde, ISBN: 978-82-796-202-4 , 2015.
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    • Chehab Ali, "Investigating the Drivers and Barriers of Reverse Logistics Practices in the Supply Chain of Pharco Pharmaceuticals" , Molde University College, Supply Chain Management. , 2015.
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    • Chehab Mahmoud Salah, "INVESTIGATING THE STORAGE PRACTICES OF PHARMACIES IN ALEXANDRIA: PROPOSED SOLUTIONS FOR THE PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLY CHAINS." , Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, College of International Transport and Logistics,Supply chain Management Departement , 2011.
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  • FIATA organization
    The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations


  • Operations Research
    Applied Statistics
    Warehousing Management
    Customer Relationship Management
    Logistics Management 1
    Logistics Management 2
    Reverse Logistics
    Humanitarian Logistics

Fields of Interest

  • Reverse Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Green Supply Chain
  • Closed Loop Supply Chain
  • Waste Management
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
  • Pharmaceutical Reverse Logistics

Community Service

  • AMA organization
    training and development for business in Egypt
  • UNEP
    The United Nations Environment Programme is an international institution that coordinates United Nations environmental activities, assisting developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices


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