Mr. Mazen Tahan , Ph.D.

Senior TA.



  • education:

    PHD: PhD program in Huddersfield university – UK in progress.
    • MBA: Master of Business Administration Graduating from Advanced Management Institute with a 3.55 GPA (Excellence) with Honor.
    , Major Executives. Graduated with 48 credit hours. With 3 mini thesis in Human resources, marketing, and Finance.
    College of Management, Arab Academy for Science and Technology. Double major Marketing and Finance. General Grade very good.
    School - primary and preparatory EGC (an English school located in Egypt), secondary- IGCSE-Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

    Awards Received:

    • Incentive bonus for high achievement during college period
    • Certificate of honor for sport excellence during college eriod
    • Certificate of honor from Pharos Club (Rotter-act)
    • Certificate of honor from "Atebaa-Elarab" for training their voluntary teems
    • Certificate of honor from watany democratic party
    Certificate of honor from "Dawaa" institute.

    • Arabic: Mother tongue, spoken and written.
    • English: Language of all my education.
    • French: Fair.

    Professional academic experience:
    Professional Lecturer:
    Teaching Human Resources Management HRM Diploma in a joint program between the American University in Cairo and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

    Academic Lecturer:

    Teaching Human Resources Management and Marketing subjects for the undergraduates in the Arab Academy for Science and Technology (full time) Teaching both in Arabic and English.

    Organizational Structure Planer:
    Assisted in designing and formulating the organizational structure and job description for propagation institute.

    Translated 5 articles in Managerial Accounting.

    Case Studies:

    .Designing Human resources management cases for a PHD program.

    Disturbance Handler (During and after registration periods):
    Handles the cases having problems in the registration process like prerequisite problems, transcript problems, and contradiction in the student's timetable as well as many other problems.
    Economics Teacher:
    In the "Arab Academy" school, teaching Economics for the IGCSE students.

    Professional Training Experience:

    • Initiating and Training mass communication Diploma conducted by international university of Latin America
    • Trainer and organizer in unlimited potential programs for creating and managing small business conducted by Microsoft.
    • Master trainer in T.O.T program approved by the Canadian Academy.
    • Training H.R.M. Diploma in future generation foundation .accredited by (H.R.C.I) in U.S
    • Conducting specialized training programs in voluntary institutions in Egypt .
    • Trainer in Resalah international centre for training and university affairs.
    • Training feasibility studies for small business in a joint program between business woman committee and a German sponsor institute.
    • Performed several training programs in private and public companies ,for example , Shamedan company and fathalla group in the private sector and egyptian tax agency in the public sector
    • Performed several Training programs in Chamber of commerce (How to improve an organizational climate).
    • Trainer in the I.T.I: Training Marketing Courses Conducted by the ministry of communication..
    • Training Human Development program for post gradates organized by I.E.E.E Organization.
    • Training strategic planning for middle and top managers, organized by the governmental tax agency in Alexandria.
    • Performed a training program(counseling and coaching techniques) for Kuwait oil company.


    • Certified trainer in “CORT” program for developing thinking skills from Debonos center(England)
    • Certified trainer in (H.R.C.I) in U.S
    • A Certificate in “SWOM” School Wide Optimal Model..
    • Training of trainers (T.O.T) certificate from National Council for Economic Education (N.C.E.E.) in USA.
    • Training of Trainers (T.O.T) certificate from American University of Cairo (T.O.T) Business advisor program
    • Accredited certificates in soft skills programs (communication skills , presentation skills …….).

    Professional work Experience:
    • Certified trainer in business concelling from A.U.C
    • Owner and General manager of Resalah centre for Training and human development (2004-2008).
    • Executive manager for R.I.C. for training, consultancy and university affairs.
    • Academic and training consultant in Tafaol Academic centre (TAC) for training and university education.
    • Managing and organizing several events and seminars in human development.
    • Initiating & designing the administrative system of small business committee Institutes social development. in Alexandria.
    • Initiating training and H.D sector in technohous center in aswan.
    • Designing and formulating administrative system for Resalah International Centre for training and university affairs.
    • Performing managerial and organizational consultation in international latin university in cairo
    • Formulating and implementing human resources management system and organizational restructuring program for couples co. for casual wear
    • Formulating and implementing human resources management system ,marketing plane production and organizational restructuring program for Eman company and metoland factory for beef manufacturing in alexandria.

    Sample of attended courses & seminars:

    • communication skills in business.
    • Time management.
    • Accelerated learning.
    • In Leadership Skills.
    • Speed Reading and Mind Mapping.
    • Diploma in N.L.P.
    • Hypnoses
    • The Training of Trainers Workshop for Teachers of Economics that is conducted from the “NCEE” (The National Council on Economic Education) in USA.

    Designing Training

    • call of success.
    • Emotional intelligence.
    • Create a mission for kids
    • Initiate and manage your own business.
    • Designing training proposals for marketing and managerial training programs.
    • Building effective relationship.
    • Developing graduates skills for labor market.
    • Discover your hidden capabilities.
    • The art of positive rising
    • Organizer of Training Programs for Chartable associations, determining roles and responsibilities of each Volunteer. “How to plan for chartable works”.
    • Zad program for kids.

    A Speaker in a series of Seminars:
    • Bibliotheca The target of these courses is finding a better way of communicating with each other, avoiding mistakes that shatter our human and social relationships.
    • Speaker in TV. Programs in local and satellite channels regarding youth problems and human development issues
    • Regular speaker in cultural centers in Alexandria
    • Speaker in Alexandria University, faculty of Commerce, faculty of Law, faculty of Medicine, faculty of Pharmacy.


    • A Basketball player for 15 years during which I have entered three championships and got places ranging from the second to the fourth.
    • Reading psychology, history and biography books .


  • human resources management
    strategic management
    organizational behavior

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