Academic Experience


Academic Experience

  • Lecturer Assistant, Jan 2005 - Dec 0000
    finished my PhD degree at Huddersfield university on part-time basis, succeed in viva and waiting for the PhD certificate.
    I am working as a lecturer assistant, teaching different transport and logistics courses.
    Transport Logistics Management

List of Publications

    • Dr. May Salah ElDine Mohamed El Sayed, "An Evaluation of ERP Post Implementation Problems in Egypt." , Huddersfield University. , 2014.
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    • May, EL SAYED, Nick.J. HUBBARD & Nicoleta.S. TIPI, "EVALUATING ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) POST-IMPLEMENTATION PROBLEMS IN EGYPT." , International Conference on Industrial Logistics 14-16 June 2012. Zadar, Croatia. , 2012.
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