List of Publications

    • S. El Safty, "Remote Real Time Monitoring of Microprocessor Based Multimeter" , The Twentieth IASTED International Conference on Modelling and Simulation (MS 2009) , 2009.
    • Dr. S.M. El Safty**, Eng. M. El Nady*, Dr. S. F. Mekhemer*, Prof. Dr. M.M. Mansour, "Digital Relay Performance During Power System Disturbances" , POWERCON’08 , 2008.
    • S. El Safty, S. Gharib, M.M. Mansour, M.Abdel Latif, "Discriminación between transformar faults and magnetizing inrush current using an integrated technique of discrete wavelet analysis and artificial neural network”," , Ain-Shams Univ, Faculty of Eng. Scientific Bulletin, Prt. II, Electrical Eng.,, Vol 40, No. 4, Dec. 31, 2005, pp. 759-73. , 2005.
    • Y. G. Moustafa, S. El Safty, I ., "An Integrated Protection Design and Coordination Philosophy for Large Industrial Plant" , 7th International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CIRED), Barcelona, 2003 , 2003.
    • S.El Safty, Y.Galal, "An Integrated Protection Design and Coordination Philosophy for Large Industrial Plant" , CIRED 2003 , 2003.
    • S.El safty, M.A.Sharkas, "Identification of Transmission Line Faults using Wavelet Analysis" , The 46th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Cairo, Egypt , 2003.
    • S.El Safty,H.Ashour,M. El Sawaf, "Simulation of a Digital Overcurrent Relay Using Simulink" , Mansoura Engineering Journal , 2002.
    • S.El Safty, H. Talaat, M.M. Mansour, S. El Debeiky, "A Rule Based Expert System for Distribution System Service Restoration" , IEEE Power Tech'99 , 1999.
    • H.E.A.Talaat, S.El-Safty, M.M.Mansour, S.El-Debeiky, "A rule-based expert system for distribution system service restoration" , IEEE Powertech'99 Conf., Budapest, Hungary, Aug. 29-Sept 2, 1999, Paper BT99-321-23. , 1999.
    • S. El Safty,H. Talaat, M.M.Mansour, S.El Debeiky, "Fuzzy-Logic Based Load Estimation for Distribution System Restoration" , MEPCON'98 , 1998.
    • S.El Safty, M.Rizk, "Potential and Electric Field Distribution Along the Interface of GIS Spacer" , Al Azhar Engineering Third International Conference , 1993.

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