List of Publications

    • Sameh A Elsoud, "State of the art "Fault Rupture Propagation to the Ground Surface, and Soil Structure interaction." Analyses, Model Tests, and Case histories " , The TU-Berlin buliton (Veroeffenlichungen des Grundbauinstitutes der Technischen Universität Berlin Herausgegeben von S.A. Savidis) (2011) , 2011.
    • S. A. Elsoud, F. Rackwitz and S. Savidis, "Permanent ground deformations induced by reverse fault: evaluation of mitigation measures for buried pipelines" , the proceeding of the 17th ICSMGE, Alexandria, October 2009, with the ion for the oral presentation. , 2009.
    • H. H. Elmamlouk and Sameh A Elsoud, "Development and Performance of Mechanically Stabilized Reinforced Earth Systems" , the proceeding of the Fifth International Geotechnical Engineering Conference, Cairo University (2005). , 2005.

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