List of Publications

    • Ayman Wanas Yasser Moustafa Rana Swelam, "The Increasing Use of the Internet and its Potential Impact on the Future of the City – With Special Reference to Cairo, Egypt." , III.International Architectural Design Conference, ARCHDESIGN '16 ISBN 978-605920726-3 , 2017.
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    • Ayman Wanas Mohsen Aboulnaga Mohamed Hammad Mohamed Hussein, "Sustainability of Higher Educational Buildings Retrofitting Measures to Enhance Energy Performance – The Case Study of AASTMT Business Management School Building, Egypt." , Proceeding of Med Green Forum –III, Florence, Italy, 24-28 of August 2015 ISBN 978-3-319-30745-9 Mediterranean Green Buildings & Renewable Energy Selected Papers from the World Renewable Energy Network's Med Green Forum Editors: Sayigh, Ali , 2015.
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    • Ayman Wanas Sherien S. Aly Rana B. El-Dabba, "Use of Kinetic Facades to Enhanced Daylight Performance in Office Buildings with Emphasis on Egypt Climates" , Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University Vol. 62. No. 4. August. 2015, PP. 339- 361. , 2015. [link]
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    • Dr. Ayman Wanas, "Political Drifts: Implications Upon Urban Space and Place With special reference to Cairo, Egypt" , Proceedings of the International Conference on 'Cities, People and Places'- ICCPP-2013 October 15th -16th, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka , 2013.
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    • Ayman Wanas, Ph.D. Sherif Elfiki, Ph.D, "The Influence of Native Symbolism and Mythology upon Contemporary American Architecture" , Scientific Magazine of Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University Alexandria, Egypt. , 2008.
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    • Dr. Ayman Wanas, "Contemporary Native American Architecture of northern America The cultural dimension and Innovation Paradox." , Scientific Magazine, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. , 2006.
    • Dr. Ayman Wanas, "Towards A Better Visual-Perceptual Urban Experience. The Visual dimension of Smart Growth Theory, An Analytical / Visual Study on Contemporary Urban Development." , Appropriating Architecture Taming Urbanism In The Decades of Transformation, Cairo University , 2006.
    • Dr. Ayman Wanas, "Indigenous Art and Contemporary Architecture and Urban Design" , The First Conference on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development, Department of Architecture, Cairo University. , 2003.
    • Dr. Ayman Wanas, "Students and Teachers, Do they speak the same Language? – Towards a better means to communicate" , the First International Conference on Architectural Education for the new millennium, UIA Architectural Education Commission, , Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt. , 2003.
    • Dr. Ayman Wanas, "Essential partnership between NGOs’ research funding and governmental organizations in developing countries - a contemporary approach to conservation" , the Second International Conference of Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia, DESIGN + RESEARCH, Project Based Research in Architecture, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia. , 2002.
    • Dr. Ayman Wanas, Dr. Hisham Khairy, "TOWARDS AN ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE TIME-MAP, The Fourth Dimension, Future’s new approach to conservation/preservation, Islamic Cities Historic Maps Project and the ECAI/TIME-MAP Methodology" , UIA First International Conference of the WPAHR-V on Architecture & Heritage, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt. , 2001.

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