List of Publications

    • Ola Mostafa, Khaled A. Shehata, "Electrical and Optical Characterization of SMOLED and PLED" , 10th international Conference on Electrical Engineering ICEENG-10, Cairo,2016 , 2016.
    • S. Mohamed K. A. Shehata H. H. Issa N. H. Shaker, "FPGA implementation of a combined hamming-AES error tolerant algorithm for on board satellite" , World Congress on Information Technology and Computer Applications Congress (WCITCA), 11-13 June 2015,pp.1-4. , 2015.
    • Fadi S. Ayad, Hanady H. Issa , Mohamed S. El-Mahallawy , Khaled A. Shehata, "“Design and Implementation of a Real-time Sleep Stage Monitoring System for Narcolepsy Diagnosis”" , International Journal of Applied Mathematics, Electronics and Computers2015, vol. 3 No.3, pp.184–188. , 2015.
    • 6Saleh M. Eisa, Hanady H. Issa, Khaled A. Shehata, and Hani F. Ragai,, "“Design and Analysis of a Low Power UWB Pulse Generators”" , International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, Vol. 6, No. 3, June 2014, 244-247. , 2014.
    • Hanady Hussien, Khaled A. Shehata, Salwa El Ramly and Nihal M.S. Tawfik, "Design of a Merged Algorithm for Luby Transform Decoder" , 3rd International Conference on Signal and Information Processing (ICSIP 2012), Paris, France , 2012.
    • Khaled Shehata, Atalla Hashad, Hanady Hussein, Hany Fahmy, "Design and Implementation of a video compression technique for High Definition videos implemented on a FPGA" , the International Conference on Systems Engineering (ICSEng), Las Vegas, USA, , 2011.
    • Ibrahim, A.H., Abdelhalim, M.B., Hussein, H.,& Fahmy, A., "An Analysis of x86-64 Instruction Set for Optimization of System Softwares" , International Journal of Advanced Computer Science, Vol. 1, , 2011.
    • Ibrahim, A.H. Abdelhalim, M.B. Hussein, H. Fahmy, A, "Analysis of x86 instruction set usage for Windows 7 applications" , Computer Technology and Development (ICCTD), 2010 2nd International Conference , 2010.

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