Mahmoud Osama Radwan , BS.


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  • I'm a Computer Science graduate since 2014. I started working as a Teaching Assistant since then till now. I'm currently working on my masters degree in CS.
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Work Experience

  • GTA, Sep 2014 - up till now
    Multimedia and Computer Graphics Department
    AAST - College Of Computing and Information Technology
    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • * Computer Science (CS):
    Introduction to Computers (CS111/CC111)
    Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming (CS143)
    Data Structures and Algorithms (CS212)
    Object Oriented Programming (CS243)
    Advanced Programming Applications (CS244)
    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CS366)
    Web Programming (CS433)
    Information Retrieval (CS475)

    * Multimedia and Computer Graphics (GM):
    Introduction to Multimedia (GM311)
    Game Programming (CS443)
    Machine Learning and AI for Games (CS466)
    Writing Game Analysis (CS447)

    * Information Systems (IS):
    Mobile Computing Applications (IS433)
    E-Learning (IS472)

    * Professional Training:
    Professional Training I in ASP.NET (IT321)
    Professional Training II in ASP.NET (IT322)

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Fields of Interest

  • Game Programming
  • Web Design/Development
  • Multimedia & Computer Graphics

Research Indicators

Address : Alexandria, Egypt

Phone : +(20 3) 5622366

Room No: 405 CCIT

Email: Send Mail

Web page : link