Hatem M Ismail , BS.



  • • Book format classrooms among the Faculty of Administration and Graduate School of Management and officials of the various programs and lecturers
    • The design and implementation of the Additional course schedule and make sure to inform the lecturers and students of the dates lectures and through direct contact and messaging service.
    • Monitoring committees and supervise the examinations.
    • Review and audit the results and the introduction of grades on the system.
    • Respond to queries from students interested in applying to study various masters programs and Togerm to the Office of Student Affairs.
    • Follow-up mechanisms, systems design and workflow control irregular daily and follow developments in WordPad your daily affairs students
    • Follow-up schedule for students of the Faculty of Administration in classrooms in the Graduate School administration and instruct them to private rooms places keep an eye.
    • Follow irregular work Wabour Mieh branch through coordination and follow-up with responsible health care program.
    • Organizing annual leave for college staff and develop a plan for the distribution of work during vacations.
    • Organize and inventory custody college and follow Tkhen damaged them and communicate with asset management and the Covenant.
    • Organize periodic maintenance work.
    • Follow the overall needs of the office supplies.

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