Selvia . Baky , BS.



  • •I am responsible for student affairs of MBA English Program.
    •Check files of the accepted students before sending their files to Abou Khier.
    • In addition, I put the Students in groups according to their schedules with their contacts & E- mails.
    •Checking the discount cases before sending the papers to Abou Kheir.
    • I make all the current Schedules of every Semester related to the program.
    • Informing the professor members of the new schedule dates.
    • Updating student's results on the System.
    • Online registration for the students.
    •Uploading the Schedules on the system in order to finish the student’s registration.
    •Printing payment receipts for students in order to pay the fees and checking their financial cases before going to the financial department for the payment.
    •Making the total schedules for the professor members and students for every quarter.
    •Fixing any missing registration for the students.
    •Finishing the cases of the graduates before the graduation party.
    •Helping in the preparations for the graduation party concerning the invitations and the announcements.
    •Actually I help students in writing their requests and complaints to the administration.
    •Sending e-mails for students and to notify students for any s.

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