Undergraduate Admission

Admission Requirements:

  • Holder of the High School (Thanawiya Amma) certificate or any equivalent certificate.Medical fitness for the Nautical, Marine Engineering and Fisheries Technology departments.
  • The student must not exceed 22 years (for Egyptians) at the beginning of classes and must declare his military conscription status.
  • Sitting for the English Placement Test is a must.
  • The student in the Marine Engineering Technology can complete their studies to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering after the fifth semester if they have met the requirements of admission in the College of Engineering and Technology.

Enrollment Documents and Fees:

  1. An official extract according to the type of the student certificate:
  • High School (Thanawya Amma): A certificate, or an official extract, of successful completion of High School (Thanawya Amma).
  •  American Diploma: A certificate of grades of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth years with 12 years of schooling (official transcript).
  •  IGCSE: Certificates of three years after the ninth grade.
  •  Certificate of successful completion of courses in all equivalent certificates (Abitur French Baccalaureate  the International Baccalaureate - the Canadian Baccalaureate).Birth certificate or an official document.
  1. A copy of ID card or passport.
  2. A copy of parent&rsquos / guardian&rsquos ID card or passport.
  3. Four personal Photos (6 x 4).
  4. Payment of $ 200 as submission and enrollment fees (Non-refundable).
  5. Mental and physical medical Certificate.
  6. A letter of embassy approval of the student& admission to the Academy. This is a must for students whose embassies require that approval (such as Saudi Arabia &Kuwait - the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman- Qatar)

Early Admissions:

This system gives the student the possibility of applying for the academy before the announcement of the final results of the secondary stage and pay part of the expenses (first two years results for IGCSE- SAT1 for American Diploma).

This phase ends on       :    15/07/2021

Regular Admissions:

Regular admission starts on  26/7/2020  according to the remaining places.

  • The announcement of the result of acceptance is determined in accordance with the priority of the high school percentage, attendance of the Placement Tests prescribed by the Academy as well as the conditions by the Supreme Council of Universities in various disciplines.
  •  The announcement of the admission decision of each phase will be declared through the official website of the Academy www.aast.edu
  •  All students must submit the final results of the secondary stage (Thanawya Amma) at least two weeks before the announcement date of the acceptance decision.
  • Students are allowed to refund the tuition fees ($1000) paid during the Admission Period till 27/08/2020and discounted 50% of its value after this date till the third week of the academic year after that refund is not accepted.
  • www.aastmt/online admission.

Transfer Students:

Applicants who have successfully completed courses in an accredited university in Egypt or abroad may apply to join AASTMT as transfer students. They are required to submit an official transcript and course descriptions to the Deanery of Admissions and Registration before the Admissions deadline. The concerned academic department will evaluate the applicant's records and may consider transferring courses in which the applicant have scored at least C (equivalent to unconditional pass in institutions that do not follow the Credit Hour System) after reviewing the course content. Students must study 50% at least of the total number of credits required for graduation at AASTMT. The courses transferred will be deducted from the total number of credits required for the program but will be listed as TR courses and will not affect the student's GPA.

The admission decision is totally separate from transfer of courses. Applicants must fulfill AASTMT admission requirements to be accepted as transfer students regardless of the number of credit hours successfully completed at any other institution. The numbers of years spent at the previous institution are included in the maximum number of years of study allowed for each program.

Visiting Students:

Students enrolled in accredited universities in Egypt and abroad are allowed to enroll as visiting students. They are allowed to spend maximum 2 semesters (or 36 credits hours) as visiting students and will be given a transcript of courses completed at AASTMT with the corresponding grades.

Those students may opt to apply to become fulltime students, but are required to pass through the regular admissions cycle. AASTMT reserves the right to reject any application based on High School grades or past academic records at previous institution(s).

The student can fill out an application form through the Academy website online admission and then complete relevant procedures afterwards.

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