Student Services

Student Services

 The Academy provides luxurious accommodation dorms and hostels at its Abu-Kir headquarters as well as its Heliopolis campus. Accommodation is mandatory for Navigation and Marine Engineering students during the first four semesters. The Academy also offers accommodation and food services for interested students from other departments. The Accommodation and Food Services Department provides all services for students, including nutrition, cleanliness, landscaping, laundry, deposit keeping, a barber and a tailor. Security supervisors are also available to ensure students’ safety inside residential buildings. The Academy’s Abu-Kir campus has banking services and communication services (Telephones – fax telex – post office – supermarkets).


The Academy in Alexandria and Cairo headquarters offers transportation services from inside the city to the Academy premises and back for interested students who will paid the specified fees.

Medical Care and Insurance

The Academy extends medical care services to students of all majors through the Medical Services Department along with distinctive hospitals in Alexandria and Cairo, which are contracted to offer medical care to students. Insurance against accidents is also applicable.

Cultural, Social and Sports Activities

The Academy provides students of all majors and departments with cultural, social and sports activities. The AbuKir campus has a lot of potential for students to exercise all kinds of sports (such as football, basketball, volley ball, table tennis, swimming, rowing, sailing, gymnasium, etc.). All such services are also offered in other Cairo campuses in agreement with neighboring clubs.

Student Services Fees

Accommodation, food services and bus fees are paid in Egyptian Pound only for Egyptian students who successfully passed the High School (Thanawiyya Amma) or its equivalents from the Arab Republic of Egypt.

 Online Exam Results and Absence Percentages

The Academy offers students the possibility to check their exam results online. By getting their secret number (PIN No.) from the Deanery of Admission and Registration, students can check the web for their results in the 7th week and the final term exams for all courses in which they registered, once these results are entered on the account. They can check their academic record and all their previous results. They can also complete their registration process via the internet.

Parents/guardians can follow up the attendance and course absence percentages of their student relatives via the internet. All the Academy’s academic information is available on the internet: (specializations - curricula for all departments study commencement dates and vacations - summer courses tuition fees). Students’ Services and Activities are available online: (Accommodation – food services – trips – courses training opportunities – jobs for graduates)



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