Faculty of Fisheries and Aquaculture

In the context of the role of the academic as specializing in the field of maritime transport and all maritime activities and its prominent role in the development and modernization of Arab fleets has appeared the idea of the establishment of the Faculty of Technology of Fisheries and Aquaculture complement system development in various fields of marine . The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport establishment of the Department of maritime fishing in 1990 to achieve one of the goals of the Academy to find a new educational paramount importance in the field of fisheries, providing education and training with the latest means and that the importance of this area in the economies of nations and for the preparation and rehabilitation of cadres fishing vessels qualified excellent to be able to deal with the latest devices in the areas of navigation and fishing to compensate for lack of huge in this area.

In the interests of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology to provide specialized cadres in the field of marine fishing technology has been planning for fisheries technology program.


excellence higher education programs in the areas of fisheries and aquaculture with the quality of scientific research in the service of all the Arab Interests in this vital area. As well as provide training to the private sector and encourage investment in the fisheries sector.


Preparation of cadres of applied scientific capabilities to keep pace with modern technology and the laws governing the development of fisheries, as well as serve the community by contributing to the awareness of environmental and fisheries in collaboration with national institutions and bodies and the Arab and international levels.

Period of study

Of the total duration required to obtain a bachelor''s degree( 4) years divided into( 8) semesters essential addition to chapters summer elective The duration of the semester basic 16 weeks, including counseling, registration and study and examinations and the duration of the summer semester 8 weeks and be registered in it according to the guidelines of the Academy.

Language of study

The program is taught in English and Arabic together.

Areas of work for graduates:

Can holds a Bachelor of Technology fisheries work the following areas:

  • Work Factories nets and fishing sites, hunting field as ports.
  • work as administrators in government agencies regulating the activities of different fisheries and fisheries observers.
  • qualification to work as a captain on the fishing vessels unlimited (after completion of the requirements of ministerial practice the profession).
  • Work areas of scientific research and the development of the fishery industry.
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