The African and Asian Affairs Sector Congratulations to AASTMT President

The African and Asian Affairs Sector congratulate Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail Farag, the President of the Academy, for receiving the Independence Award from His Excellency the Prime Minister of Djibouti, which is one of the high marks awarded by the Djibouti State to distinctive personalities regionally and internationally.

Our Role

AAFS is the sector responsible for the administrative, social, education and living of Africans and Asians in AASTMT who are enrolled in African/Asianprograms of Computing, Information Technology, Engineering, Maritime Transport and Logistics, Management, Language and Mass communications.AAFS also provides training, consultation and research opportunities through AASTMT prestigious institutes in the field of Ports and Logistics, QualityAssurance and Management, Maritime research and consultations, and ComplexIntegrated Simulator.

African and Asian Affairs in Brief

Africa is considered a major element in the strategic plan of AASTMT since its establishment in 1972.In specific, AASTMT targets to excel the education, research and capacity building in the African continent. The African and Asian Affairs Sector was established as an executive sector targeting the vision of having outstanding educational and research in Africa. AAFS also plans and develops strategies that fulfills the needs of African countries and ensures that Africans are educated with the enough knowledge and skills to participate in the building of their countries.The African and Asian Affairs sector then extended its activities to include research planning and graduate programs development in engineering, business management, logistics, quality assurance and maritime and provides consultancy and expertise to all African nations. In 2011, African Affairs added Asia to its plan and changed its name to be African & Asian Affairs Sector.

AASTMT president word

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport is a leading in the Middle East and North Africa region with forty years of excellence in education, training, research and consultations. AASTMT achieved this position by its outstanding faculty members, alumni, professional staff and its dedication in enriching applied research and providing highest standards of services.

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Dr.Al-Snosy Balbaa Word
Vice president of AASTMT for African & Asian Affairs

Guided by the AASTMT president directions and its strategic plan, the AAFS sector is devoting all manpower, resources and facilities to the success of our vision that our African and Asian students are tomorrow’s leaders and pioneers. Countries racing and competing in the global market and strategic decision makings requires nations advanced in education, knowledge and research.

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Word about AAFS

African and Asian Affair Sector (AAFS) is one of the specialized entities of the AASTMT. AAFS is responsible for the coordination between AASTMT and the African and Asian organizations, structures, and students. AAFS provides the AASTMT educational, research and consultation services to the African and Asian countries for building future leaders.

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Success stories - Student/ johnson speech

Our Academic journey in AASTMT which started in 2013 have witness both high and low point, smooth and rough situations, happy and sad moment, failure and success etc, which is the normal life processes that shape or define our future. AASTMT which we the grandaunts will be referring to as our ALMAMATA has offered us all the opportunity to become World class leaders in our different field of studies with qualitative studies through qualified lecturers, high tech teaching aid and world class facilities, the institution is very dear to our heart as we did not just passed through the school, but the school also passed through us.

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