Vice President Word

Message from the Vice president of AASMT for African AffairsGuided by the AASTMT president directions and its strategic plan, the AAFS sector is devoting all manpower, resources and facilities to the success of our vision that our African and Asian students are tomorrow’s leaders and pioneers.Believing in this and that progressing from being under-developed countries to countries racing and competing in the global market and strategic decision makings requires nations advanced in education, knowledge and research. AAFS sector is providing consultations, project planning and deploying, applied research and capacity building in fields of maritime transportation and ports, engineering, management and logistics through the cooperation with all the colleges, institutions and centers of AASTMT.Education is only part of the successful leader’s equation where the otter part is social skills development.Therefore, AAFS intends to make your experience at AASTMT as satisfying and successful as possible. We provide many student activities, services and support needed to successfully complete the academic career. In that context, AAFS sector ensure that students life in AASTMT is filled with activities such as sports, tours, movie nights, Independence Day celebrations and more. It gives me great pleasure to welcome leaders of tomorrow to their home university AASTMT.Dr. Al-Snosy Balbaa Vice President of AASTMT for African & Asian Affairs