- 200 students from NIMASA enjoyed the new Year’s party.- 79 Students from NIMASA in Graduation Ceremony at Green Plaza Hotel.- AAFS organized Arabic language courses for Jigawa students
- In 2013- In 15/6/2013- In 12/9/2013
Photos of new years party Photos of first graduation June 2013 batch1Photos of Arabic course
- The African and Asian Affairs Sector celebrated Kenya's Republican Day- Graduation celebrate for Kenya& Sierra Leone students- Orientation for NSDP1 students from NIMASA with Presence Eng. Hesham El-sayed in AAFS
- In 6/12/2013- In 2-3/10/2013- In 6/3/2013
Photos of Kenya''s Republican DayPhotos of graduation Photos of Orientation for NSDP1
- All African students from NIMASA enjoyed the new Year’s party.- AAFS organized Arabic language courses for NIMASA students- training and iftar jigawa students with Eng. Hesam El-sayed coordinator of students
- In 2014- In 4/2/2014- In 17/07/2014
Photos of new years 2014Photos of Arabic course2014Photos of traning and iftar jigawa students
- 250 students from NIMASA celebrated "Nigeria Independence Day"- 166 students from NIMASA graduated at Hilton Green Plaza- 5th Dijbouti Reginoal Maritime Coordination Committee Meeting
- In 1/10/2014- In 2014- In 3/7/2014
Photos of Nigeria Independence DayPhotos of graduation studentsPhotos of Dijbouti Reginoal
- African students celebrate New Year ceremony - Medical Awareness Seminar for NSDP3 students.- welcome party for NSDP3 Students from NIMASA. 
– In 2015- In Oct. 2015- November 2015
Photos of CHRISTMAS 2015Photos of Medical Awareness SeminarPhotos of welcome party
- AAFS organized the football match for the African program  - AAFS organized the African Day at the hall resturant in AASTMT- 23 students from NIMASA graduated at Hilton Green Plaza
- In 12/5/2015- In Feb./ 2015- In 2015
Photos of sports dayPhotos of African dayPhotos of graduation students
- project defence finals for jigawa students- AAFS organized the Iftar of Ramadan for Jigawa students- Training in the Industry for Jigawa students 
- In 16/11/2016- In 6/2016- In 6/2016
Photos of jigawa studentsPhotos of iftar ramadanPhotos training

Workshop for about 25 decision-makers in field of the Maritime Transport Sector from different African Countries" 

- from Sunday, May8, 2016 To Friday, May13, 2016
Photos of opining workshop
Photos of tour inside AASTMT for workshop
- executive meeting of association of african maritime administration AAMA - 115 NIMASA students Graduated at Hilton Green Plaza 
- 20/5/2017- in 2017
Photos of AAMAPhotos of graduated students (AAFS)
Photos of graduated students (AASTMT)
- African Students Interviews - Nigerian students will be supported
Their team in the next African Cup of Nations, which is held in Egypt and appear properly in the academy.
- The first group (25 Djibouty students) has started the English language preparation course at AASTMT Aswan Campus - Capital of African youth
- in 2019- in 2019- in 2019
Photos of African Students InterviewsPhotos of African cupPhotos of Djibouty in Aswan
- Graduated Ceremony for 136 Nigerian students at Hilton Green Plaza - 200 students from NIMASA enjoyed the new Year’s party.
- in 2019- in 2019
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