Vision & Mission and Objective

Our Vision to deliver creative education, innovative research and productive consultations with the right resources to assist in the building of the leaders who will bring prosperousness to the future of African and Asian nations.    
Our Mission is to provide the African and Asian nations with high quality education, premier research, effective training and valuable consultation in a guaranteed home-like environment served by distinguished professors and experts. The sector is committed to maximizing the development of students creativity as we believe that African and Asian leaders of tomorrow are our todays students and trainees.     
  • A main goal of AAFS is to support African and Asian students with a broad knowledge base, hands on and know how in all the fields of study provided by the AASTMT.
  • AAFS is keen to create an environment that inspires the development of open minded leadership individuals.
  • African and Asian students are trained and encouraged to see the world with innovative imagination and to appreciate the diverse in culture to build the future.
  • AAFS increases the practical skills of African and Asian students that enable them to work in a constructive and independent manner and preparing them for the professional life they are seeking.
  • AAFS believes that outreaching in applied research is the key for the sustainable growth in the African and Asian nations.
  • AAFS is dedicated through its expert staff, professionals and consultants to support African and Asian governments in their strategic plans and capacity building of having productive aware communities.
  • We are proud to be serving multiple African countries through funding agencies and signed memorandums of understanding with ministers of higher educations in such countries.