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When you arrive in Egypt
 The checklist below is a list of your priority tasks for your first few days in Egypt.
  •  Tell your family you have arrived safely – mobile phone and internet information.
  •  Complete online enrolment and choose your modules (if necessary).
  •  Get your Student ID card.
  •  Get your bank letter and open your bank account.
  •  Register with the Police (if applicable).
  •  Attend the international induction events.
  •  Register with a doctor.
 When you Living in Egypt
  •  Drink a lot of water, Egypt’s weather is very dry and it’s very easy to get dehydrated
  •  Carry some cash when heading to remote locations.
  •  For sightseeing, make sure you have a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, light cotton or linen clothes, and don’t forget comfortable shoes.
  • Don’t assume you can pay with your credit card, always ask first·
  • Don’t drink and drive! Alcohol might increase the decompression sickness risk·
  • Don’t take pictures where you’re not allowed to·
  • Don’t feel obliged to tip anyone for anything·
  • Don’t take anything from the natural parks and reserves and keep them as clean as you can·
  • Avoid leaving your hotel or apartment without telling anyone where you’re heading·
  • Don’t leave your hotel or accommodation without a guide or a map close at hand, unless you know where you’re heading·
  • Don’t come to Egypt without insurance.
  • Medical treatments can cost thousands if you’re not insured.·
  • Don’t expect Egyptians to understand your language.
  • Instead, learn some useful phrases.
  • Locals will appreciate it.
  • Tourist Police126.
  • Fire Service180.
  • Ambulance123.
  • Police122.
  • Telephone Guide140.
  • Cairo Airport Shuttle Bus19970.
  • Flying Hospital Service37766393/2.
  • Gas Emergency129.
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