Create 48 Hackathon

What is Create48:

Create48 is a 48 hour hackathon with 120 participants. Hackathons may have different format:
• Teams could work on a case study provided to them from a certain industry to solve a certain problem.
• Focus on innovating new technology from their ideas

Throughout the two days, we invited mentors from the same industry and sponsors, so that the participating startups can be exposed to real life experiences, tips and insights and get access to corporates that can lead finally to investment. Early staged startups also get a chance to find co-founders and build teams.

Who could attend?
Coders, UI/UX designers and everyone who is passionate about creating new things. You will build teams of 3-5 people. Beside participants, we are inviting mentors and partners who will be there to give feedback and provide insights.

Thanks to our partners in Arab Acadmey for Scince and Tecgnology, Create48 will be hosted at the amazing AAST Campus in Abo Kier. You will have all what you need from good wifi to snacks & drinks to keep you energized.

Why to join?
We will be having incredible partners & mentors on board. They will be helping you develop and build your idea. You will also be challenging Alexandria's top developers for a chance to win 2000 Euros and more cool prizes.

Day 1
• Registration
• Welcome and introduction
• Keynote speech
• Pitching for all the idea
• Voting for the best ideas
• Presentation of the teams
• Dinner & Networking

Day 2
• Breakfast
• Mentor session 1
• Teams work on ideas
• Launch
• Teams work on ideas and receiving mentorship
• Mentorship session 2
• Teams continue working
• Dinner

Day 3
• Breakfast
• Pitch Training
• Teams work on pitches
• Launch
• Teams work and receive final pitch mentoring
• Final Pitches starts
• Announcing the winners
• Dinner


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