Meet Your Passion

Meet Your Passion campaign is one of our Initiatives delivered as an in school or as an after school program, where the students learn various aspects of how to know their passion in life and developing goals that are consistent with their passions in fun and productive ways.

This campaign has two main waves, the first wave was with school students with the objective of unlocking there true passions in life through a group of workshops and illustration on who to lead a passionate life.

The first visit launched in Victoria international (3.3.2015), after that we completed the visits with the following schools

 Smart schools

 Chouifat international school

 El farouk Islamic schools

The feedback upon the visits was very encouraging to complete this campaign which will also be expanded in Alexandria as well.

The second wave for this campaign was with the staff members with personality profiling assistant with MR.Sherief Shoraya (certified Myers-Briggs)

We launched those sessions in Alexandria campus as well as in Sheraton as we strongly believe that each one of our staff members are full of Passion, and can strongly contribute to the development of AASTMT in different aspects.

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