Jamboree is Now Revealed 

AASTMT Jamboree Spring Carnival will take place at Smart Village, you'll enjoy AASTians got Talent, Standup Comedy show, alot of activities and much more...

This time Jamboree is in Partnership with Smart Villages Company

For registration follow the links

Schools Students registration link: http://goo.gl/forms/Eyv9nqzAAM
AASTians Registration link: http://goo.gl/forms/T9YRtJuCvH

Jamboree, is the Carnival launched by AASTMT to share and celebrate all the special moments in different occasions with our community like spring or summer.

Jamboree is not just a party its a carnival loaded with cheerful activities, music, AASTMT talents, chocolate and lots of food.

The carnival will be touring all AASTMT campuses from Alexandria to Aswan and from Cairo to Port-said.


Jamboree means large party or celebration with music and entertainment, its origin goes to Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the boy scouts. In Swahili they say “Jambo” for “hello”. In other words, a "jamboree" is a gathering of people all saying "hello" or "Jambo" to each other.

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