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Enbarter is the first online platform in the Middle East for trade. Through it, you can offer services you want to provide or products you no longer need in exchange for services or products you need without any monetary charge. 

Team Members:
Mohammed Gad - CEO & Co-founder (AAST Student)
Ahmed Kamel Taha - CTO & Co-founder 
Amr Abbas - PR & Co-founder
Sara Mehesein - Marketing 

The application service will facilitate the process of buying and selling between the customer and the pharmacy, also will ensure setting the official price in all the pharmacies and higher the competition between the pharmacies to respond to all customer needs. and in long term the data will be used in big data analytics that will help in forcasting the demand to avoid shortage and excess in storage
Ahmed Gamal (AAST Student)


Cycliste is a bike sharing program that provides users with a bike at any time. Users go on a mobile application locate the nearest bike, unlock the bike through the application, ride the bike to their destination and leave it there without worrying about its security or maintenance.
Team Members:
Ismail Sabry (AAST Student)
Hesham Merghany - CEO




Farmers are being used selling their crops with low prices. The consumer is buying low quality crops with high prices.
TRAQUALCHEAP is a platform that can link the farmers to the last retailer.
(Increasing the quality of the crops, so that the farmers can sell them with decent prices and the consumer can pay an average price

Team Members:

Mohamed Abdelrahman (AAST Student)

Hassan Zakzouk (AAST Student)

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