AAST Grads to Business

AAST Grads to Business is a program dedicated to all Academy fresh graduates. Through this program AAST Entrepreneurship Center thrives to help AASTians start their career & find an opportunity that meets their passion.The program consists of 3 pillars:1. Freelancers: Where we''ll open doors to endless opportunities by guiding you through the required skills & capabilities to become a successful freelancer.2. Join a Startup: Where we''ll connect you with various startups for a chance to join an internship & be part of their team, or you can join as a co-founder in a rocketing startup with vested equity system.3. Be an Entrepreneur: Where you will have the chance to take your graduation project to the next level & start your own business. We''ll provide mentorship, financial support & investment opportunities.Let''s take the first step in your career together.

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