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Network Services

Users of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology access network based resources through the implementation of various servers which provides access to the Internet, E-mail, and house the data and software required for administrative packages as well as fulfilling other faculty, staff, and student's usage.

Web Services

A very well trained web-development team that includes analysts, computer engineers, and designers took the responsibility of designing, implementing, and maintaining the computer website of the Academy. They also participate in the development of other web-based systems, web-sites, Graphic and printed designs.

Wireless Services

The Academy wireless network is centrally managed by the networking department. This includes the placement and configuration of wireless access points, such as their power and channel settings to ensure optimal coverage with minimal interference.

Video Conferencing Services

Video conferencing facilities are provided to the Arab Academy and its colleges to enable International and local video meetings and distance learning program.

E-mail accounts and network accounts are given to users with appropriate privileges on network resources.