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Tank Farm Construction for The Liquid Bulk of Sokhna Port

Client:     General Authority of Port Said Ports.

Location: Port Said - Egypt.

Date:       Ongoing


• Reviewing designs, compliance of the technical specifications standard and design efficiency.
• Reviewing implementation of operations according to the approved master plan and specifications and prepare technical reports.
• Revising Control System and Quality Assurance.
• Reviewing any supplementary drawings for any additional details or operations that have been modified during work progress.
• Working with the General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone   in determining the. supplementary regulations for the project that is unlisted in the master plan and its impact on the environment and the neighborhood.
• Revising the engineering operations outside the scope of the project and associated with it and the extent of conflict with the future plan of the port.
• Supervising the implementation of operations until the end of the project and primary delivery and compliance with the technical specifications standard.




List Of Projects

1.Jetty Construction for The Liquid Bulk of Sokhna Port. 

2.Tank Farm Construction for The Liquid Bulk of Sokhna Port .

3.New multi-purpose terminal berths 62-55 in Alexandria Port.

4.Consultancy services for dredging the waterway of Alexandria port– implementation stage .

5.Developing the northern port of Port Sudan .

6.consultancy services for designing and supervising on construction a multi-purpose berth, length of 400 m and a depth of 14 m, in Alexandria port (berth 85) .

 7.Designs and tender document for developing Hamrawein port .

8. Establishment, managing, operating and maintenance for Container terminal CT3 in Berth 100 in Dekhila port (BOT) .

9. Feasibilty study & Tender Documents for establishing multi purpose in Damietta port (BOT) .

10.Design, Tendering and Supervision of Port Said East Port Infrastructure .

11.  Port Said East Port Construction – Design and Tendering of the Quay Wall & Marine Works Construction – BOT Tender for Container Terminal Operation – Supervising the Construction .

12. A Feasibility Study & Design for The Entrance Side Channel at Port Said East Port .

13.A Feasibility Study & Design Trailers & Vehicles Parking Area at Port Said East Port .

14. Design and Tendering of the Quay Wall & Marine Works Construction of Port North Al-Sukhna

15.Development of North Quay Wall and Marin Works at Sherif Basin in West Port Said .

16. Preliminary Design for Sharm El-Shekh and El-Tor Ports .

17. Design and Tendering of Nuwaiba Port .

18. Planning and Developing of Arish Port .

19. Consultancy Works for Establishment of a Specialized Port for Holding Company for Carbon (CHC)

20. Execution of a Real Time Maneuvering Simulation for Port Said East Port (CHC) .

21.  A Study of The Evaluation and Developments of The Saudi Ports of Jubail Commercial Port, Yanbu Commercial Port, Jizan and Dhaba Ports .

22.  Restructuring of Technical Workshops of Coastal Guards – Saudi Arabia .

23. Environmental Improvement Strategy for Alexandria Port .

24. The Study of Re- planning and Development of Port Said Container Terminal .

25. Environmental Management System .

26. The Study of Re- planning and Development of Alexandria Container Terminal .