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Information Technology Department

MRCC has a wide range of experience in the maritime sector through the implementation of information technology solutions including e-port, e-logistics and business process improvement.

Scope of Work

• Design and implementation of specialized integrated information systems.
• Creation of specialized Portal systems.
• Design and create dynamic interactive electronic web sites.
• Implementation of specialized training programs.
• Preparation of preliminary studies for work systems and the method of its development in order to apply the management of maritime Information Systems.
• Preparation of feasibility studies for integrated Information Systems.
• Preparation of technical specifications and Requests for proposal (RFP) necessary for the various projects.
Selected Projects in the field of Information Technology
• Design, development, and management of the Egyptian Maritime Databank.
• Design and development of an integrated information system for the Syrian maritime transport sector.
• Design and development of a packaged application for the management of port operations in Egyptian ports (Maritime Transport Sector - Ministry of Transport).
• Design, development, and implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems.
• Design, development, and Implementation of simulators for training railway drivers.
• Implementing electronic business in procurement and warehousing sectors of the General Authority of Egyptian Railways.
• Design and development of integrated Management Information Systems for Container terminals and Shipping agencies.
• Design and implementation of planned preventive maintenance systems.
• Design, development, and management of integrated Management Information System for the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety.