Becoming a Preparation Centre (Registered School)

What is a Cambridge English School?

Schools that meet certain criteria can become a Cambridge English School. Becoming a Cambridge English School means you can access additional benefits and support for your school, such as teacher development, marketing support and access to a Cambridge English logo and plaque.

The Cambridge English School programme has four elements:

  1. Use a programme structure that links to international standards
  2. Prepare your students for Cambridge English exams
  3. Use Cambridge English materials for your courses
  4. Develop your teachers using Cambridge English support

When you become a Cambridge English School, we can support you in a number of ways with your marketing and communications, making it easier for you to get your message across.

1. Use a programme structure that links to international standards

Every school is unique – you have your own vision and goals for your school. Cambridge English can help you align your goals to internationally recognised standards. This helps parents, teachers and other stakeholders understand your vision and your ambition.

We are part of the University of Cambridge, the world’s number one university, and committed to excellence in education.

Our work is backed up with extensive research and validation. Exams and materials are based on a deeper understanding of how English works and how students learn. We have built the largest corpus of language learner data in the world, and we are continually gaining new insights into how we can support learners.

Cambridge English has been a leading organisation in the development of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This gives us unrivalled expertise in understanding how the framework applies to schools around the world. We are leading a research programme to define the vocabulary, grammar and functional English mastered at each CEFR level – the English Profile Programme.

We can offer you a range of curriculum services to ensure your school meets international standards

2. Prepare your students for Cambridge English exams

Build your students’ confidence progressively with our Cambridge English for Schools exams. We offer a range of fun, motivating tests from beginner to advanced level:

  • Designed for children
  • Familiar topics, engaging activities
  • Step-by-step way to learn English
  • Recognised internationally
  • Extensive support for you and your students

Find out more about Cambridge English for Schools exams

3. Use Cambridge University Press materials for your courses

Cambridge University Press course materials help children learn. We stimulate their curiosity, open up their imagination and make learning fun, using carefully designed materials that support teachers and learners every step of the way.

There are also plenty of online materials, workbooks, reference resources, games and videos – to support those children who need extra help, and to stretch those children who need a greater challenge.

4. Develop your teachers using Cambridge English support

Your teachers are the heart of your school. Support them and your school will grow.

Support for teachers using new courses
Cambridge English courses come with a wide range of support for teachers – the Teacher’s Book, CDs and DVDs, classware, online resources, additional activities for students, progress tests, etc.

Support for teachers preparing students for exams
Register your teachers for unlimited access to downloadable materials for exam preparation - lesson plans, worksheets, classroom activities and a lively online teacher community on our Teaching Support website for exam preparation.

Workshops for teachers
Cambridge English provides practical workshops for teachers. Subjects range from motivating your students to preparing for exams to using online technology.

Qualifications for teachers
Help teachers to gain new skills and become more motivated by taking one of our teaching qualifications. A range of online and printed materials are available to help them prepare.

What are the benefits of becoming a registered school?

  • Help your school stand out from the crowd
  • Motivate your students to achieve their best
  • Develop a first-class teaching team
  • Show parents that your school aims for international standards
  • Get support with your marketing.

Parents see a school that aims for international standards. Their children will develop language skills that will help them in this increasingly globalised world. And those skills will be backed up with internationally recognised certificates from Cambridge English.

Teachers also benefit:

  • Cambridge English will work with you to help develop your teaching staff.
  • Your teachers get the latest information and resources to support them in delivering the programme.
  • Teachers teach as part of a well-designed programme, that carefully matches course materials and tests.

Students benefit from exciting learning resources to engage and motivate them in their learning, while helping them to prepare for exams.

Access additional support

Once you become a Cambridge English School, we will help you get your message across in a number of ways. We can provide you with:

  • templates for sending letters out to parents and placing notices in local media
  • leaflets and a presentation for you to give to parents.

We can support you with training your teachers in using Cambridge English materials and exams. We can also support you at events you organise to tell people about your Cambridge English programme.

Once you have shown you are a successful Cambridge English School, we will also provide you (subject to terms) with a:

  • plaque to put on the wall
  • certificate to display in your school
  • logo to use on your communications.
How much does it cost to become a Cambridge English School?

There is no additional cost to becoming a Cambridge English School and you will receive a range of benefits in return, some of them free or discounted. Talk to your local Cambridge English or CUP office to discuss your specific needs and agree on the package of learning materials and exams that is best for you.

What do I need to do?

If you are interested in registering your school, book an appointment with our team of specialists and we will guide you through the process. Call our office @01222888967

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