Cambridge Speaking classes

This course aims at improving learners’ speaking skills to enable them to communicate in different contexts. It is based on familiar topics and situations, gives them the confidence to use their English and inspires them to move on to further qualifications.


Course content:

The course introduces a variety of learning techniques which include pair work discussions and individual assignments that use materials provided by the instructor.


Course objectives:

The course aims at:

enabling learners to communicate in an English-speaking environment.

providing learners with the required knowledge, skills and attitude to express themselves orally using general English.

expressing themselves fluently and spontaneously without searching for expressions.

using language confidently for social, academic and professional purposes.


Learners with different levels, from intermediate to advanced, who are willing to improve their English speaking skills and achieve better results in the speaking component in an internationally recognized exam



Each module (Intermediate, Upper intermediate or advanced) is divided into 3 levels. Each level is covered in (24 hours for group courses and 20 hours for private courses).

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