OET Exams


OET stands for Occupational English Test. It is the English language test for healthcare professionals. It assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who wish to register and practice in an English-speaking environment. There are over 115 test centers in 40 countries, that provide OET, two of which are at the AASTMT:

·      IEC-AASTMT EG003 (Alexandria venue).

·      IEC-AASTMT EG004 (Smart Village venue).

You can choose the most suitable venue while registering for the exam according to your preference. There are 12 versions of the test for different healthcare professions: nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, podiatrists, occupational therapists, vets, speech pathologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, and radiographers. The Reading and Listening sections are the same for all. The Speaking and Writing sections are tailored to the specific scenarios in which each profession uses English.

OET Test Format:

The OET test consists of four components: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. You will always take the Listening, Reading and Writing parts one after the other, with no breaks between them. Your Speaking test is scheduled in the afternoon of the test day. You will receive an email before your test date informing you of your speaking time and group, and you have to be present 1 hour before your speaking test.


Grading Scheme:


The OET is graded from A (best) to E, with an equivalent numerical score to show more precisely where in the grade a candidate sits.

Healthcare regulatory bodies which test English for healthcare professions tend to specify an advanced C1 level of language, i.e. around 7 in IELTS and a B in OET. 


OET Exam:

OET measures English language proficiency needed for an academic, higher learning environment for all those who work in the medical field. The tasks and texts are accessible to anyone, irrespective of his/her subject focus. The format is, broadly speaking, for those who want to study or train in a university that teaches in English at undergraduate or postgraduate level, or institutions of higher education in the medical field (e.g. medical, nursing, pharmacists, vets), and the test is trusted by regulators, hospitals & universities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, Ukraine and Namibia as proof of ability to communicate effectively.


Reservation policy:

There are usually 2 exams every month from which you can choose. You can reserve online only on this website https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/apply-oet/.



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