Business English

Cambridge English Qualifications are in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding.Designed to help
professionals develop the English language skills to communicate confidently in an international workplace, our business qualifications
prove to employers that you have the English language skills to succeed.

Why choose Cambridge Business English Exams?

  • Accepted worldwide
    Our qualifications are accepted and trusted by thousands of leading employers and organisations worldwide. They are a mark of excellence, opening doors and giving
    you the skills and confidence to thrive.
  • Global business communication
    Our exams are based on authentic situations, giving you the skills to communicate
    in real-life business scenarios. The Speaking test is taken face to face with our
    expert examiners, so you will develop the ability to express your opinion, present
    your ideas and negotiate in an international workplace.
  • Recruitment and Development
    Many leading organisations around the world find Cambridge English exams to be
    an effective way to assess business language skills.Cambridge English exams can
    support recruitment, development and training.

What are Cambridge Business English Exams?

There are three Cambridge English Qualifications for business.
Each one is targeted at a different level.The content for each
exam is based on everyday work and business tasks and is
designed to develop your business English skills.

  • B1 Business Preliminary
  • B2 Business Vantage
  • C1 Business Higher

We offer preparation courses for business learning and support materials to help you for the exam and communicate with confidence.

B1 Business Preliminary
B2 Business Vantage
C1 Business Higher
This qualificationshows that you have mastered the basics of business English. It helps you show employers that you have a good knowledge of English for practical, everyday use in business.helps you when applying for new jobs, getting a promotion or to develop your career. It also helps you show employers that you are ready to work successfully in international business. This exam could help you when applying for new jobs, getting a promotion, or developing your you the practical language skills you need to operate confidently at a senior level in global business. It helps you show employers that you have achieved an advanced level of Business English
Test FormatPaper-basedPaper-basedPaper-based
Number of Papers333
Reading120 minutes60 minutes60 minutes
Writing120 minutes45 minutes70 minutes
Listening40 minutes40 minutes40 minutes
Speaking14 minutes16 minutes18 minutes
Total exam length174 minutes161 minutes188 minutes


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