What is TKT preparation course?

Teaching Knowledge Test course prepares participants for all parts of the TKT exam, what a full test paper will look like and the types of questions. It is a modular teaching qualification that consists of 5 modules focusing on the skills and techniques required to sit for the test. Participants can take each module individually. Each module combines solid language development with systematic and thorough exam preparation and practice.

Who is the course for?

It is for candidates who want to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognized certificate. It is also for teachers who teach primary, secondary or adult learners. TKT acts as a foundation for more specific and higher teaching qualifications in the future.

The modules are:

TKT Module 1: Background to language teaching


 Describing Language:

·   Grammar

·   Lexis

·   Phonology

·   Functions

 Language Skills:

·   Reading

·   Writing

·   Listening

·   Speaking

 Background to Language Learning:

·   Motivation

·   Exposure & focus on form

·   The role of error

·   Differences between L1 & L2 learning

·   Learner characteristics

·   Learner''s needs

Background to Language Teaching:

·   Presentation techniques & introductory activities

·   Practice activities & tasks for language & skills development

·   Assessment types & tasks

TKT Module 2: Planning for language teaching


Planning and Preparing Lessons:

·   Identifying and ing aims.

·   Identifying the different components of a lesson plan.

·   Planning an individual lesson and a sequence of lessons.

·   Choosing assessment activities.

·   Designing workshops.

 Selection and use of resources and materials:

·   Consulting reference resources to help in lesson planning.

·   Selection and use of course book materials.

·   Selection and use of supplementary materials and activities.

·   Selection and use of teaching aids.

TKT Module 3: Classroom Management


Teachers and learners language in the classroom:

·   Using language appropriately for a range of classroom functions.

·   Identifying the functions of learners language.

·   Categorizing learners mistakes.

 Classroom Management:

·   Identifying teacher roles.

·   Grouping students.

·   Correcting learners mistakes.

·   Giving feedback.

The course aims at developing the participant knowledge of:

·     terms and concepts of English language teaching.

·     factors underpinning the learning of English.

·     a range of materials, tasks and activities for English language teaching.

·     the knowledge and skills they need to plan lessons.

·     the types of assessment and resources that can guide their lesson planning.

·     teachers and learners language.

·     classroom management.

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

·         be familiar with different teaching methodologies.

·         know how to use teaching resources effectively.

·         understand key aspects of lesson planning.

·         use different classroom management methods for different needs.

Duration: Each module is for 20 hours.

How to apply for the course?

In order to apply for the TKT preparation course, please fill in the application form below.





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