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A committee from the Control and operation sector affiliated to The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) visits AASTMT-Alamein campus

Published: Sunday,13 september 2020 09:06 | Hits: 1

As the College of pharmacy (Arab academy for Science and Technology and Maritime transport, Alamein campus) seeks to achieve academic and applied excellency, and to strengthen the links with the pharmaceutical industry represented by Pharco corporate in order to provide an outstanding training opportunities for the AASTMT students, as well as achieve proper community service through updated and accredited laboratories that follow the highest quality standards and good laboratory practice.

A highly professional committee from the Control and operation sector affiliated to The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) represented by Dr Sally Said, Dr Omar Abd el Maguid, Dr Mahmoud Zahran, Dr Rehab el Hadidy recently visited the AASTMT (Alamein campus) to inspect the assigned laboratories. As a result, an intensive meeting was set between Prof: Ivan Saad (Pharmacy Alamein Dean), Prof: Mohamed Etman (professor of pharmaceutics) and Pharco representatives Dr Hanaa Abd el Maguid (Head of Research and Quality), Dr Essam Shokry (Head of Laboratories). Added to that, a group of engineers joined the meeting including Dr Ahmed Abu el Wafa, eng. Hussam Abd el Aziz, eng. Mai Ahmed el Budy to discuss the steps of execution.

The College seeks to accredit those research laboratories by equipping them with modern analysis and evaluation devices according to the latest standards. Providing a role model that would serve the Pharmacy Profession and the drug manufacturing in Egypt.

It is noteworthy that this approach is fully supported by Prof: Ismael Abd el Ghafar (President of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport) and Prof: Moustafa Hussein (President Consultant, AASTMT, Alamein Campus).

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