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 College of Computing and Information Technology In Alexandria have 8 Computer labs contains about 200 PCs from deferent configurations for general and specialized usage of the college students those labs are supervised by number of experienced labs technicians in order to maintain the labs and to provide college students with technical experience . 


Network Lab:

It supports Networking Academy courses, which help students to be prepared for a growing number of networking positions in a variety of industries. The lab facilities are used in CCNA certification training, which provides a comprehensive overview of foundational to advanced networking concepts, with an emphasis on theory and practical applications. With the strong collaboration of computing services, the lab can offer students a networking environment that lets them develop their skills safely.

Applied AI & Robotics Lab: The lab contains special hardware to apply basic and intermediate robotics applications in order to support undergraduate and postgraduate AI and Robotics courses.

Oracle Lab:

The aim of this lab is to develop the practical skills of students in using the Oracle database management system. By the time students complete the lab exercises, they should be familiar with Oracle tools SQL, PL/SQL, and Oracle forms and Reports, and be able to complete a database project work.

Microsoft. NET Lab:

 This lab supports exercises that familiarize students with .NET and its deployment and development with visual studio. This Microsoft technology is used for developing and deploying dynamic Web sites and Windows applications Using C# language and VB.Net language. This lab also includes Microsoft SQL server that is used to build database applications.