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College Activities

Sports activities

The College of computing and Information Technology is:

  • Holding a Sports Day several times throughout the semester.
  • Holding regular tournaments for some sports between different departments on an agreed upon day weekly.
  • Participating with its sports teams in tournaments involving other colleges.

Social Activities

  • Visiting Egyptian museums and attending cultural performances in Bibliotheca Alexandria.
  • Holding regular fund-raising events or collection of donations for orphans and the poor.
  • Arranging visits to orphanages and hospitals for handicapped patients and giving them gifts on special occasions.
  • Inviting orphans and handicapped patients for a visit to the academy and organizing entertaining activities for them on special occasions.

Cultural Activities

  • Organizing of Educational seminars under the supervision of Student Affairs.
  • Organizing Educational Competitions between different departments.
  • Organizing Art and Talent Competitions (music and singing) and awarding prizes.
  • Organizing an annual Arts festival as a social event.
  • Holding exhibitions for painting and various art work and pieces.
  • Presenting a program of trips for various departments including Educational and Scientific field trips.