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Students Discipline

Each individual student is responsible for his/her behaviour and is expected to maintain standards of academic honesty and personal integrity. Students must ensure safety, health, fairness, and the proper use of available resources in their undertakings. Students share the responsibility with faculty for creating an environment that supports academic honesty and principles of professionalism.

Proper relationship between faculty and students are fundamental to the college's function, and this must be built on mutual respect and understanding together with shared dedication to the education process.

The College strongly believes that each student is worthy of trust and that each student has the right to live in an academic environment that is free of injustice caused by dishonesty.

While students have an obligation to assist their fellow students in meeting the common goals of their education, students have an equal obligation to maintain the highest standards of personal integrity.

Until a degree is issued, students remain subject to AASTMT code of practice for student Discipline that is clearly defined in the implemented quality management procedures in the college.

Students must be familiar with this code of practice by reading carefully and asking questions about anything that is unclear. Students are ultimately responsible for meeting the requirements for their degrees, responsible for their behaviour, and are expected to maintain personal integrity.