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Students Discipline

AASTMT students shall adhere to the following basic regulations:

  • Students are held responsible for familiarity and follow-up with the study system and regulations of the Academy. They are held accountable for any mistakes or problems that may occur due to ignorance of those regulations, including registration regulations, study postponement procedures, re-enrollment, course withdrawal, tuition fees refund and graduation requirements.
  • Student should familiarize themselves with the regulations and systems issued by the Academy. They can seek help from their academic advisor or other Academy staff responsible for education in case they encounter difficulty in comprehending those regulations.
  • Abiding by all rules and regulations and following all instructions regulating the educational process, including those related to academic integrity, as well as examination and assessment regulations and commitment to all dates announced to students.
  • Regular attendance of lectures, tutorials and practical sessions.
  • Participating in class discussions is an integral part of the assessment process. This also applies to the assignments, readings and homework assigned to students.
  • Complying with the instructions and regulations for appropriate behavior, conduct and appearance, customs and traditions observed both inside and outside the Academy.