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     Admission Requirements

     Program Structure

     CS Courses

     IS Courses

     Study plan milestones for the PhD degree

     Online Admission

CS Courses

  • Computer Science (4 Courses: 12 Cr. Hours)

Course CodeCourse TitleCR
CS800Advanced Topics in Computer Networks3
CS801Advanced Topics in Data and Network Security3
CS802Distributed Systems and High Performance
CS803Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design3
CS804Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics3
CS805Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction3
CS806Advanced Intelligent Computing3
CS807Advanced Computer Graphics3
CS808Research Directions in Programming Languages3
CS809Advanced Topics in Software Engineering3
CS829Advanced Topics in Computer Science3

Research Hours, Candidacy Examination and Dissertation (36 Cr. Hours)

Course CodeCourse TitleCR
CS830Research Hours6
CS840Candidacy Examination3
CS850PhD Dissertation27