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     Admission Requirements

     Program Structure

     CS Courses

     IS Courses

     Study plan milestones for the PhD degree

     Online Admission

IS Courses

  • Information Systems (4 Courses: 12 Cr. Hours)

Course CodeCourse TitleCR
IS800Analytic Research in Information Systems3
IS801Databases for New Computing Platforms3
IS803Advanced Web-based Systems Engineering3
IS805Advanced Topics in Data Science3
IS807Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval3
IS810Business Process Modeling and Workflow Systems3
IS812Advances in Information Systems Security3
IS829Advanced Topics in Information Systems3

Research Hours, Candidacy Examination and Dissertation (36 Cr. Hours)

Course CodeCourse TitleCR
IS830Research Hours6
IS840Candidacy Examination3
IS850PhD Dissertation27