Core purpose

Core purpose:
The College aims to produce qualified graduates to manage and develop the fish resources in the Arabian countries through the following:
- Prepare cadres capable of fisheries management, fishery statistics and assessment of fish stocks and create new policies to achieve sustainable development of fisheries.
- Preparation of familiar cadres by fisheries laws and IMO laws.
- Prepare cadres capable of designing and operating the modern fishing nets with the ability to command and maintenance of fishing vessels and deal with navigation equipment.
- Prepare cadres capable of fish cultivating and breeding and managing fish farms.
- Prepare cadres capable of fish handling and processing for marketing in global markets.
- High quality education, combined with effective research and outreach programs to support the scientific researches in fisheries and aquaculture sectors.
- Provide technical consultations and scientific support in fisheries and aquaculture and working in the feasibility studies for investment in these sectors.

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