Welcome to College of Fisheries Technology and Aquaculture

College of Fisheries Technology and Aquaculture (CFTA) is specializing in fisheries, enhancing students' personality, and enriching their skills through technical activities. These will promote their academic and practical abilities, reinforce their rational efficiency and open up new career possibilities in different fields of fisheries and aquaculture science.

Latest News

Workshop in Ecosystem approach to fisheries in Egypt
01 NOV 2015
College of fisheries technology and aquaculture with FAO –UN organized a workshop on Ecosystem approach to fisheries in Egypt during the period from 12-15/10/2015 at the headquarters of the main academy at Abu Qir- Alexandria ... read more

Career Opportunities

The College of fisheries Technology and Aquaculture qualifies graduates to work in:

  • Official organizations and institutions related to fisheries managements
  • Arab and international organizations related to fisheries managements and conservation
  • Educational and training institutions
  • Qualified to be a fishing vessel captain

Our Mission

The college seeks to prepare technical staff in all areas of fish resources (Fisheries and aquaculture) qualified for the job market and able to compete in the labor market by distinct educational university programs. Working on the bombing of the creative and innovative energies of students in the framework of applied scientific research-oriented to Community service

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